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Top 4 Yotubers Who were Killed By her enemy because of her content.

  1. Juan Luis

juan Lives in mexico. and in only 17 years he has 7lakh Followers on fb and 3 lakh on instagram. he upload videos on party and dating. one day he make video on mexico drug mafia. and abuse them and than the  4 drug mafia member killed him by Gun.

2. Rana Zuhair

rana Zuhair

Rana Zuhair

Friends Rana Zuhair is lives in Pakistan and he upload pranks on youtube one day he gone for making a prank and the prank was one Ghost. Rana Was In the Getup Of Ghost. when he started his prank a Person started Firing on Rana Zuhair and he get killed.

3. Asha Shah

asha Shah

Asha Shah

in 2016 Asha shah was killed in his shop by Tanveer Aamir because of his content . Asha Makes Videos On Islam and Tanveer Did Not Like his video so he Killed him.

4. Christina Grimmie

Christinna Grimma

Christina Grimmie is a american singer on youtube and he has more 4 million subscribers on Youtube. But one day in a concert a person Shoot him without reason.


If You Know Any Other Youtuber Who were also Killed for his content than comment Below.


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