Hlo Guys,

Today i Teach You About How To  Photo From A normal smartphone. You Doesn’t need any additonal hardware for this photo. Just You need a Android Smartphone.


first of all You Have to download a application named Google Camera. You Can Download it from here. if you download it from other sources. it will crash in your phone. so just download it from my link

after Download Install and Open it.

than You Have click on the button as shown in the screenshot.

How to capture 360 degree from Android phone

How to capture 360 degree from Android phone

than After clicking the button you have to capture photo from all dots as shown by the google camera.

after clicking google need a sometime for processing the photo. After Process the photo open it from Google lens. and Now You are all ready to go. see the image and share it with all your friends.


if you have any questions about this or any topic. you can comment here.

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